Fresno Community-Based Adult Services CBAS/ADHC

Fresno CBAS offers services to eligible older adults with disabilities to restore or maintain their optimal capacity for self-care and delay or prevent inappropriate or personally undesirable institutionalization.

Health Care Manager

Not sure where to start? Speak to one of our healthcare managers who specialize in the enrollment process.

Nursing Services

Our registered nurses can provide health care services such as medication, diabetes, and pain management, blood pressure monitoring and more.

Occupational and Physical Therapy

Our Occupational & Physical Therapists will guide you through group exercises to help you improve your physical health.

Social Services

We offer social service programs like individual and group counseling to direct you to community resources that you need.

Dietitian Services

Meet and speak with our Nutritionist to discuss your current diet and possibly provide you with a special diet plan. We will also provide nutrition education, nutrition risk screening, and nutrition counseling.

Festive and Therapeutic Activities

We host daily activities such as various mental stimulation games, table games, arts and crafts, music therapy and sing-alongs, current event discussions, sensory activities, healthy living classes, spiritual care and devotionals .


Participants are Eligible for Fresno CBAS program if they meet the conditions below:

  • Adult that is 18 years or older, with a medical condition requiring treatment or rehabilitative services prescribed by a physician.
  • Physical or mental impairment which handicaps activities of daily living.
  • Reasonable expectation that preventive services will improve or maintain present level of functioning.
  • Likelihood of deterioration of individual’s condition leading to institutionalization without community-based adult services.

Community Based Adult Services are covered by Medi-Cal Managed Care Plan and other payers (Veterans Administration, Regional Centers, etc.)